Custom API Integrations Services Designed For 2X Performance

Adding new features and functionalities is what makes your business cope with dynamic customer demand. Being an API first business can help you become agile to each market change. iCommuneTech is a leading system integration partner for many PaaS, SaaS, and software solutions.

We have worked hand-in-hand with several businesses across the domain to develop and integrate a range of APIs for consumer-facing applications. Our team of experts designs API integration services that reduce time, cost, and operational complexities for your business.

Sprint-Based API Development Process For Your Projects

Agility is our second name! iCommuneTech boasts of an iterative approach that ensures continuous improvements for your API-based projects.

Sprint Roadmap

A dedicated sprint team will collaborate with you to understand essential requirements and create a sprint plan

Frame Architecture

Based on the sprint plan, a robust architecture is built to break down development into smaller microservices connected with custom APIs

Integration Plan

Architecture prepared based on the roadmap is implemented with customized third-party integration services for advanced functionalities

API Development

Expert API development and integration services allow you to implement custom logic for communication between different microservices.

Security Testing

End-to-end API security testing and maintenance support ensures reliable performance and higher availability.

Industry-Specific Third-Party API Integration Services

Whatever your business domain, we have industry-specific solutions to handle API integration needs.

ECommerce API Integration

Manage inventory, get deeper customer insights, and facilitate multi-language and advanced features with third-party integration services.

Logistics API Functionalities

Integrate API-based services to enable advanced functions like route optimizations and automation to your logistics business.

IoT-based Integrations

Enable your business to use powerful IoT technology through custom API integration services.

Fintech APIs

Get customized solutions for your financial and banking API integrations for B2B or B2C enterprise-grade apps.

Healthcare Integrations

Improve the functionality of your healthcare applications through third-party API integrations.

Edutech APIs

Build test exam apps, intelligent classrooms, 3D reading apps, and more with our third-party API integration services.

Get Top API Experts With iCommuneTech For Your Projects

Having a competitive edge in the current market is more than necessary. We offer end-to-end API integration that adds value to your offerings and gives you a competitive edge.

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Dedicated API Experts

Hire the best API experts with experience integrating advanced technologies like AI, ML, and speech recognition.

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Third-party API Assessments

Our experts assess the best API-based services for your systems and recommend the best options for integrations.

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Standard API Development

Comprehensive API integration and development services with expertise across SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC protocols.

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Designed for Scale

API integration services designed to scale your business offerings and handle peak loads on demand, improving user experience.

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Decoupled Infrastructure

Make your apps independent of changes in infrastructure using high-quality API integration services from iCommuneTech.

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API-as-a-Service Solutions

Our developers will help you create web APIs using protocols such as APIs and Java, JSON, AJAX, SOAP, HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, and TCP/IP.

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Migration from Monoliths

Our team’s microservices experts help migrate from monolithic to microservices, using APIs to connect multiple services.

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99.9% Satisfaction

Get API solutions from an IT company with a proven track record and 99.9% client satisfaction working towards your success.

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API Maintenance & Support

End-to-end API maintenance services from our team to ensure high availability with dedicated security policies.

Enhance Your API’s Functionality by Integrating with Third-Party Systems.

Whether you need integration of a payment gateway for secure payments or to improve scalability through third-party services, we offer custom API integration services.

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Tailored API Integration Services for 2-fold ROI

A dynamic market needs dynamic solutions, and iCommuneTech understands the need for robust APIs. Our custom API integration services are designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless connection between applications. Our services are unique because they focus on delivering industry-specific solutions, improving operational efficiency, and providing optimal results.

  • Cloud-Based API Integration
  • Custom API Integration
  • API as a Service
  • Payment Gateway API Integration
  • Automated API Testing Services
  • Microservices Consulting

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Fixed Cost Model

Submit your requirements and rest assured with a fixed budget and timeline engagement model.

Dedicated API Integration Team

Get a dedicated team of API integration experts who create custom solutions based on your business needs.


Engage with our API integration experts hourly or monthly for better flexibility and cost-effective engagements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Still trying to understand what is a custom API or why you invest in APIs. Here are the answers you need.

Custom APIs are designed specifically for your business needs instead of off-the-shelf APIs. You may require custom APIs to integrate your unique systems, access proprietary data, or build specialized functionality that standard APIs cannot offer.
A third-party integration service involves connecting your application or system to an API provided by a third-party service or platform. This allows you to leverage the functionality and data of that third-party service offering within your application without building that capability from scratch.
The main types of APIs are open, partner, internal, and composite APIs. Open APIs are freely available for use by any developer, partner APIs are shared with authorized business partners, internal APIs are used within an organization, and composite APIs combine multiple APIs into a single interface.
To integrate APIs effectively, we first identify necessary APIs and their capabilities, understand API documentation and authentication requirements, design the integration architecture, develop code to invoke APIs and handle data exchange, thoroughly test the integration for functionality, security, and performance, deploy the integrated solution, and monitor its operation. Finally, the integration must be updated to adapt to API or business requirement changes.

Client’s Review of Our API Integration Excellence

Hear from our clients about API integration excellence that has helped businesses across domains.

Karlos MinettaCTO, Acme Corporation

“iCommuneTech’s API integration expertise has been instrumental in transforming our business. They seamlessly connected our internal systems with key third-party APIs, automating critical workflows and unlocking new revenue streams. We’re now able to deliver a more robust and valuable experience to our customers thanks to iCommuneTech’s outstanding API integration services.”

Sarah SmuderCEO of Innovate Solutions.

“As a fast-growing startup, we needed to rapidly integrate various APIs to enhance our platform’s functionality. iCommuneTech rose to the challenge, delivering custom API integrations that seamlessly connected our systems. The iCommuneTech team’s responsiveness and flexibility have been invaluable throughout our partnership.”

Cheng HuuCIO, SEAE Corp.

“Integrating our legacy systems with modern cloud-based APIs was a daunting task, but iCommuneTech made it look easy. Their team’s deep understanding of API technologies and integration best practices enabled them to develop a robust, scalable solution transforming our operations. We now enjoy enhanced data visibility, streamlined workflows, and improved customer experiences – all thanks to iCommuneTech’s exceptional API integration services.”

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Integrating advanced tech like AI and ML needs future-proof expert API solutions. Our team of top API experts delivers future-ready custom solutions for your projects.

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