Data-driven Enterprise Logistic Management Software For Higher Growth

Get advanced logistic management software to meet your needs, delivering effective monitoring, speed, optimized fuel, and higher ROI.

Management Platform With An
Integrated Ecosystem of Modules

Managing a fleet of transport vehicles and deliveries, tracking movements, and ensuring last-mile delivery efficiency can be a hassle. Our logistic management system is designed to provide superior visibility across logistic operations.
Whether you are a 3PL service, parcel provider and courier solutions, or last-mile fulfillment company, we offer white-label custom logistic software for your business. What makes us different from other logistics management system providers is.

  • Custom modules for each operation
  • Fuel optimizer to reduce costs
  • Route optimizations for faster deliveries
  • Advanced search for cheapest fuel stations
  • Freight delivery schedule management
  • Real-time operational updates
  • Dispatch and trailer management
  • Accurate fuel expense predictions

Advanced Logistic Management System With Innovative Dashboard

We build platforms with enterprise mobility capabilities, redefining logistics operations across business domains. The entire platform is structured for efficiency, with modules being the building blocks.

User Module

User Module

Account Management Image
Account Management

Users can efficiently add, edit, and delete multiple accounts by filling out fields with basic details.

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User-Friendly Interface

A simple and intuitive interface for users to manage their accounts seamlessly.

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Instant Notifications

Users get real-time updates on operations on their logistic management software.

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Cost of ownership

Users can track their cost of ownership with details of the purchase of leased entities.

Trucks Module

Trucks Module

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Safety and Security

The module ensures the safety and security of the trucks by capturing essential details of the model.

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Custom Sub-modules

Integration of sub-modules for maintenance, cost, ELD, and specifications.

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Image Upload

Users can upload images of the Trucks to provide visual documentation and enhance tracking.

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Dispatch Management

Manage dispatch status and costs and decide minimum rates per mile.

Trailer Module

Trailer Module

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Trailer Management

Custom sub-modules to manage different aspects of trailers in the fleet.

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Registration Process

Trailer registration management feature dedicated to legal compliance and documentation.

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Trailer Safety

The module allows users to track the last maintenance data, insurance expiry dates, and service referring dates.

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Specifications Management

Users can add specifications like the suspension type, top material, floor, and trailer model.

Driver Module

Driver Module

Account Management Image
Driver Profile Management

Managing all the driver information, including medical records, insurance details, and license expiration dates.

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Keyword-based Search

Advanced search feature allows users to search drivers through keywords.

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Endorsement Status

Drivers can track the status of endorsements required for transportation of hazardous materials.

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Price Management

Users can define rates per hour, load percentage and manage payments to drivers.

Loaders Module

Loaders Module

Account Management Image
Customer Management

Users can add details of the customer for which load is shipped.

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Load Management

Users can specify load information and specify route details.

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Cargo Specifications

Manage details like load type, weight, commodity, payment mode, and trailer type.

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Shipping Efficiency

Users can initiate the process of shipping their load with minimal details like pickup address, pickup notes, and dispatch details.

Operational Excellence With iCommuneTech

Our logistics management software is designed to provide seamless operations, better visibility, and higher ROI.

Get Your Details Right

Add key details to the white-label logistics management software developed by our expert team. It comes with a centralized dashboard that makes operational management easier.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the.

Plan Your Routes

Once you have all the details for the shipping order ready, plan your routes with our route optimization feature to ensure the economy is at scale. Optimize the route plan with our fuel optimizer tool for higher cost efficiency.

Track Everything

Track all the logistics operations, pickups, dropoffs, truck schedules, and allocations with real-time updates. Measure key metrics and ensure optimal ROI on your logistics operations.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the.

Achieve Data-driven Growth

Leverage our centralized dashboard with data analytics and advanced insights to achieve data-driven growth for your business. We offer detailed reports on load carriers, trailers, and estimated rates per mile.

Manage Returns Well

Schedule your returns well with our logistic management platform, which offers reverse scheduling features. We offer end-to-end returns management capabilities with complete mobility.Lorem Ipsum is simply.

Fully Customized White Label Logistic Management Systems For Your Business

Optimize fuel, and manage operations efficiently with our customized logistic management software.

Customizable Modules

Tailored modules for each operational aspect to ensure superior visibility and control over logistics operations.

Fuel Optimization

Our advanced fuel optimizer reduces costs and optimizes delivery routes, creating an efficient and cost-effective transportation system.

Real-time Operational Updates

Streamline logistical operations with instant notifications and real-time updates for a seamless user experience.

Centralized Dashboard

Our centralized dashboard system allows for seamless operational management, effective route planning, and fuel optimization, resulting in cost-efficient solutions.

Operations Management

Our platform ensures the safety and security of trucks by utilizing custom sub-modules for maintenance, legal compliance, and documentation management.

Data-driven Decision Making

Our advanced analytics-driven logistics services provide end-to-end solutions, from route planning to return management, to achieve data-driven growth and operational excellence.

Enhanced Returns Management

Our platform seamlessly handles returns with full mobility and integrated end-to-end management capabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Need answers on what we have to offer and what to expect? Here are the answers!

The choice between cloud or on-premise deployment of your logistics software depends on your business needs and security requirements. For example, if you have sensitive data, on-premise is the best in terms of security, but for scalability, the cloud is the best option.
Licensing costs vary based on the deployment model, scale, and additional services required.
Yes, developing bespoke features specific to your organizational needs is possible within the existing functionalities, allowing tailored enhancements.
The platform is engineered to support various sub-segments within the industries, detailed specifications of which are included in the platform documentation.

Take Control of Your Logistics Operations

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and disconnected systems holding you back. Our next-generation logistics software gives you true end-to-end visibility and control over every shipment.

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Over the years, our data-driven logistics management platform has benefited many businesses across different domains. Here is what they have to say about us.

Jade SheredCEO, GranTrucks

“Stuck at the implementation level our teams were struggling to manage fleet and yes fuel costs were killing us but thanks to iCommuneTech’s software we managed to save on fuel cost and not just float but ace the market.”

Ish MalikFounder, GoTrucks

“Thanks to iCommuneTech we now have been operational across 4 states. I personally recommend their services to whoever wants to start a trucking business. I wanted a logistics software that can help me manage my trucks and save some money and they delivered it with the best of team!”

Neil MattCOO, LastMileLane

“I recommend iCommuneTech because they have a team that is hard to find! Yes, their team has expertise in maintaining software functional even if you have thousands of deliveries in a month. Their document management feature helped us comply better with the local laws and reduce penalties by half. So, go for iCommunTech.”

Leverage advanced algorithms and real-time data to generate the most efficient delivery routes

Manage vendors, facilities, inventories, and all transportation modes from a single centralized dashboard. Customizable workflows and automatic alerts keep everyone on the same page.

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