Top 10 Laravel Development Companies in UAE For Your Business

Top 10 Laravel Development Companies in UAE.

Discover the best Laravel development company in UAE by exploring our list of top 10 Laravel companies.

Laravel is among the few PHP frameworks that have become popular since their development. Its popularity is due to its speedy and straightforward use. The current trend of PHP framework usage is depicted below. The graph shows that Laravel usage is high.

Currently, 743,470 websites use Laravel, and while it is a recent framework, it is widely adopted by businesses. Laravel adoption has been significant, and you can leverage several expert Laravel development companies to meet your development needs.

IT Outsourcing revenue in the UAE is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.23%, reaching $4.79 billion by 2029. This clearly shows how rapidly the tech ecosystem of the UAE region is growing. While this is good news, it can become overwhelming for you to choose the best option for your project.

But fret not! This article will help you identify the best Laravel development companies based in the UAE.

Top Factors to Consider While Choosing a Laravel Development Company

When choosing the best Laravel development company in UAE, you must consider factors like communication approach, framework expertise, portfolio, and client reviews.

Here are the top factors to consider while choosing a Laravel development company.

#1. Expertise in Laravel

A company should have a proven track record in Laravel development. Look for developers with extensive experience in creating complex Laravel applications. Verify their knowledge of Laravel’s latest versions and features. Experienced Laravel developers can handle scalability and performance issues efficiently.

Other crucial points to consider for Laravel expertise are,

  • Look for expertise beyond Laravel, including web design, development, testing, and deployment.
  • Check the ability of the Laravel development company to offer customized solutions.
  • Expertise in creating scalable applications for your business.
  • Offers expertise in integrating Laravel with other technologies.
  • #2. Portfolio

    Review the company’s portfolio for diverse and complex Laravel projects. Check if their previous work aligns with your project needs. A strong portfolio indicates experience and reliability. Analyze the quality and functionality of their showcased projects.

    #3. Client Reviews

    Read client reviews to understand the company’s reputation and service quality. Positive reviews indicate client satisfaction and successful projects. Look for consistent feedback about their professionalism and reliability. Consider third-party review sites for unbiased opinions.

    #4. Technical Skills

    Assess their technical skills in Laravel and related technologies. Ensure It is proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Advanced knowledge of databases and APIs is crucial. Verify their ability to integrate third-party services and tools.

    #5. Cost and Timelines

    Compare their pricing with the market standards. Ensure their costs align with your budget. Confirm their ability to deliver within the agreed timelines. Delays can impact your project’s overall success and profitability.

    Top Laravel Development Companies in the UAE

    The UAE is home to many top Laravel development companies that offer exceptional web development services.

    Here are the leading Laravel developers in the UAE.

    #1. iCommuneTech

    Minimum Project Size: $1,000+
    Hourly Rate: < $25 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 2 – 9

    iCommuneTech is the best Laravel development company in the UAE, offering feature-rich, functional, and aesthetic web applications. Its structured process includes problem-solving, wireframing, and constructing effective websites.

    The team at iCommuneTech constantly monitors and conducts inspections to ensure all systems are in order. Other features of its solutions include quality coded work, fast and efficient communication, and reasonable charges.

    As a top Laravel development company in the UAE, iCommuneTech ensures projects are timely and within budget. Its unique approach integrates into client’s business ecosystems, providing detailed market analysis and tailored strategies. This ensures every project achieves its full potential, driving growth and higher conversions.

    Key USPs include:
  • Offers tailored solutions that meet specific client requirements
  • Services include Laravel API development, migration, upgradation, and enterprise development.
  • iCommuneTech team maintains stringent code standards and uses the latest tools for robust development.
  • Ensures issues are addressed promptly, providing a seamless client experience
  • #2. Saritasa

    Minimum Project Size: N/A
    Hourly Rate: $100 – $149 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 50 – 249

    Saritasa is renowned for delivering high-quality web solutions using Laravel. Their team excels in crafting custom applications tailored to client needs. This is a Laravel development company in the UAE. Ensures timely delivery and adherence to budgets.

    It also offers Python and React.JS development services. Saritasa’s expertise extends to building scalable, secure applications and maintaining high standards in code quality and project management.

    Key USPs include:
  • Custom Laravel development services to meet specific client requirements.
  • Extensive experience in Laravel-based web applications
  • Additional services include Python Development and React.JS Development

  • #3. Curotec

    Minimum Project Size: N/A
    Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 50 – 249

    Curotec excels in providing comprehensive web solutions using Laravel. Their team of experts is proficient in crafting custom applications. This is a Laravel development company in the UAE. Delivers projects on time and within budget.

    It offers many services, including Laravel, Vue.js / Nuxt, and React development. Their expertise extends to creating scalable and secure applications. It maintains high standards in project management and code quality.

    Key USPs include:
  • Custom Laravel development services tailored to client requirements
  • Extensive experience in Laravel-based web applications.
  • Additional services like Vue.js / Nuxt and React integration
  • Curotec focuses on delivering innovative and efficient solutions. Its skilled team ensures seamless application integration and maintenance and provides ongoing support to meet client needs effectively.

    #4. Mobiiworld

    Minimum Project Size: $25,000+
    Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 10 – 49

    Mobiiworld is an award-winning Laravel development company in the UAE with 15 years of experience. It specializes in creating next-gen websites and mobile applications. Their portfolio includes data-led, award-winning mobile apps and websites.

    Mobiiworld is known for exceptional UI/UX and creative designs. It provides bespoke products and solutions using the latest technology. Its clients include major brands like Adidas, Sony, and Carrefour.

    Key USPs include:
  • Expertise in Laravel development and creating secure, scalable applications.
  • Offers additional services like React.JS Development and Python Development
  • Recognized for delivering projects on time and within budget
  • #5. GCC Marketing

    Minimum Project Size: $5,000+
    Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 50 – 249

    GCC Marketing is a top Laravel development company in the UAE that provides the best digital transformation solutions. It offers eCommerce websites, mobile applications, and other bespoke software solutions. GCC Marketing greatly emphasizes UI/UX design to improve the user interface.

    Key USPs include:
  • Laravel development services are offered to different sectors of the economy through a team of experienced developers.
  • Solutions such as e-commerce, mobile applications, and digital marketing
  • Specializes in quality assurance and timely response to consumers’ needs
  • #6. FRS Technology LLC

    Minimum Project Size: N/A
    Hourly Rate: N/A
    Total Number of Employees: N/A

    FRS Technology LLC. is an experienced Laravel development company based in the United Arab Emirates that assists various companies in efficiently meeting their I.T. needs. Their team comprises highly skilled people specializing in custom software development, data management, and IoT solutions.

    FRS Technology LLC has a robust foundation in IT structure services and a passion for delivering excellent IT services. Their team of professionals assures services that meet the client’s desires by providing the best solution based on modern technology.

    Key USPs include:
  • Continuous technical support is offered anytime, resulting in successful and uninterrupted business performance.
  • The firm provides total security protection to its clients
  • #7. Hello Pixels

    Minimum Project Size: $1,000+
    Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 10 – 49

    Hello Pixels is a leading Laravel development company in the UAE. It offers tailored solutions to meet client requirements and ensures robust and scalable applications. Their experienced team focuses on delivering high-performing applications with optimized web code, ensuring client satisfaction and business growth. Hello Pixels leverages Laravel’s dynamic features to maximize ROI for their clients.

    Key USPs include:
  • Expertise in custom Laravel web development for creating superior web applications.
  • Comprehensive services, including Laravel API development, migration, and enterprise solutions.
  • High-quality standards with stringent code maintenance and use of the latest tools
  • #8. Digital Gravity

    Minimum Project Size: $1,000+
    Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 50 – 249

    Digital Gravity offers the top Laravel development services in the UAE, focusing on transforming web journeys. It provides tailored solutions and ensures high-quality applications. Digital Gravity ensures each project meets client expectations through meticulous planning, development, and post-launch support. It leverages Laravel’s dynamic features to maximize business growth and ROI for its clients.

    Key USPs include:
  • Comprehensive services, including Laravel API development, migration, and enterprise solutions
  • Building scalable ecommerce platforms with advanced features
  • Crafting user-friendly iOS and Android applications.
  • #9. N.X.P. Technologies LLC

    Minimum Project Size: $1,000+
    Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 10 – 49

    NXP Technologies LLC. is one of the leading Laravel development companies in the United Arab Emirates. It offers web development services and focuses on developing optimum, responsive websites for its clients using Laravel. NXP Technologies LLC supports a project from planning to implementation, even after completion. Their team is dedicated to providing creative and customized solutions for business requirements.

    Key USPs include:
  • Laravel developers with specific experience in API and migration to this framework.
  • It develops very user-friendly and efficient mobile applications for its clients’ teams.
  • It assists its clients in enhancing their online visibility through efficient digital marketing approaches.
  • #10. Webomindapps

    Minimum Project Size: $1,000+
    Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / hr
    Total Number of Employees: 10 – 49

    Webomindapps is a leading Laravel development company in the UAE specializing in custom web solutions. Its expertise in Laravel development ensures innovative and robust solutions. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Webomindapps consistently delivers top-notch digital products.

    Key USPs include:
  • Expert in Laravel API software development for secure and efficient application communication.
  • Crafting scalable and feature-rich e-commerce platforms
  • Delivering high-performance mobile applications to enhance user experience.
  • Choosing any of these companies will ensure high-quality Laravel development. Their expertise and experience guarantee successful project outcomes.


    The top Laravel development companies in the UAE showcase exceptional technical expertise. It offers custom solutions tailored to client needs. And have a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects.

    Many of these firms provide comprehensive post-launch support services. Their teams consist of skilled developers with deep Laravel knowledge, and They stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

    These companies have garnered positive client testimonials and reviews. It ensures timely project delivery within budget constraints. Partnering with them can significantly enhance business operations and growth potential.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Which features set Laravel apart from its competition?

    Laravel also has integrated features such as Eloquent ORM for database operations, Blade templating for view operations, and security provisions like turf protection. It also supports MVC architecture, which is suitable for clean code and a good project structure. These features facilitate the development process, optimize the application’s performance, and protect it from threats.

    How much time does it take to develop a typical Laravel application?

    The development time for a Laravel application depends on its complexity. Simple projects can take a few weeks, while more complex applications may take several months. Feature requirements, customization needs, and team experience influence the timeline.

    Is Laravel suitable for small -and large-scale applications?

    Yes, Laravel is versatile and can be used in any project, whether big or small. This framework makes small applications easy and fast to develop. Large applications also benefit from its solidity and richness of features to meet complex specifications.

    How does Laravel assist in API development and integration?

    Laravel also has API tools and utilities, such as Passport, wn OAuth2 server, and Eloquent for databases. This comprises routing, middleware, and request handling, enabling APIs’ effective and rapid development and integration. These features make API.