Best Laravel Development Tricks and Tips to Follow in 2024

10+ Expert Tips & Tricks for Laravel Development in 2024

Looking for some Tips and Tricks for Laravel Development? Here, you’ll find the most important tips to ease your work & stay ahead in this fast-paced industry!.

Laravel is an elegant and advanced PHP application development framework supported by a substantial open-source developer community. The present post aims to add some knowledge to the Laravel developer community to use the best Laravel coding practices in 2024. We have included the best Laravel optimization tricks to achieve the best performance. We hope our Laravel productivity tips may boost the productivity of Laravel developers in 2024.

Let’s learn about some Laravel development tips in 2024.

#1 – Update Laravel Regularly

You’ve downloaded the Laravel framework, but your job is unfinished. You must keep it up to date to reap the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: Laravel platform regularly releases security patches.
  • Boost Performance: The platform releases performance-enhancing code to make it fast-loading and responsive.
  • Ensure Compatibility: Your framework must be compatible with official and community packages.
  • New Features & Functionality: Laravel keeps itself advanced by releasing new features and functionality to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Laravel developer community.
  • Moreover, keep your packages updated, notably the composer package, to get the best results in Laravel.

    Note: To give you advanced Laravel techniques in 2024, we suggest keeping Laravel packages at a minimum because more packages mean more points of failure.

    #2 – Write Automated Tests

    Automated tests have several benefits, such as:

  • Fewer bugs.
  • Happy clientele.
  • Happy employees.
  • Confident Laravel developer.
  • Keep new hires productive.
  • To give you productive Laravel tips, we recommend using PHPUnit and Pest testing frameworks to simplify testing in PHP in your Laravel development projects.

    Similarly, you can use famous CI/CD tools to automate your workflow and build and deploy the Laravel application. GitHub Actions, Travis CI, and CircleCI are the best tools, according to our Laravel designers and programmers.

    #3 – Apply Middleware to Avoid Code Repetition

    As a member of the PHP Laravel programmer community, we know how code repetition is daunting, costing time and effort deliberately. As a part of Laravel Development Tips 2024, we suggest using middleware to filter or modify the current request. Of course, you can use them in the following scenario:

  • 1. Check the required permissions.
  • 2. Check user language and change locale accordingly
  • You may know that Laravel offers middleware for authentication, rate limiting, and more functionality during programming projects. You can attach middleware to any route to prevent code duplication.

    #4 – Use Laravel Telescope

    In 2024, to teach you advanced Laravel techniques, we suggest leveraging the Laravel Telescope tool set for effective debugging and code monitoring. The Laravel Telescope tool provides valuable insights into requests, jobs, commands, exceptions, and other features and functionality during Laravel development.

    So, you can use Laravel Telescope for:

  • 1. Request monitoring.
  • 2. Exception tracking.
  • 1. Query monitoring.
  • Using the intuitive user interface (UI) of the Laravel Telescope, you can recognize and solve many complex problems in a vast and complicated Laravel application.

    #5 – Leverage Laravel Sail & Octane

    To give you the best Laravel tricks, we prefer using Laravel Sail and Octane solutions.

    Laravel Sail:

    It’s a built-in solution that runs the Laravel application using Docker. Thus, you can simplify setting up an elegant development environment. Docker ensures consistent behavior across different devices and machines. Hence, Laravel developers can avoid daunting manual configurations and streamline the development process with easy onboarding of new team members.

    Laravel Octane:

    It uses modern PHP features, including Roadrunner, WebSocket, and Swoole. So you can get fast response time and efficient resource management. Thus, Octane is helpful in applications with high concurrency and real-time needs.

    #6 – Ensure Laravel Security Using Jetstream & Breeze

    We prefer to apply the best Laravel coding practices in 2024. Therefore, ensure high security using Jetstream and Breeze boilerplate code.


    It’s a robust starter kit for exceptional two-factor authentication and team management. It proves an ideal solution for applications with multiple users and complex permissions.


    If a Laravel developer wants to take a minimalistic approach to application security, Breeze provides simple authentication features with essential functionality.

    #7 – Keep Default Folder Structure

    To give you the best Laravel coding practices in 2024, we advise you to stick to the default folder structure in your Laravel development project. The ultimate advantage is keeping all Laravel development team members on the same page. Following the default folder structure can empower your team to deal with many complex, tedious, and battle-tested features for free so you can focus on your coding only.

    #8 – Utilize Policies & Gates for Authorization


    We will give you an advanced Laravel technique to use in 2024, and it’s to use Policies for authorization in the Laravel application. It’s essential to maintainable and organized PHP applications. We recommend the Policies feature in Laravel for the following reasons

  • 1. It centralized authorization rules to ensure consistency and avert code duplication issues upfront in different parts of the application, allowing authorization logic to be reused across multiple controllers.
  • 2. It offloads code from bloated controllers. Moving the authorization code to Policies keeps controllers lean and focused on primary duties. Thus, they become easy to read and maintain.
  • 3. It eases locating authorization-related codes. This is because all developers will store authorization-related code in the Policies folder.
  • Gate:

    Gate defines standard authorization rules, which are not tied to a specific model. Thus, it allows you to control access to different parts of the applications.

    #9 – Apply Service Containers & Providers

    We are giving you the best Laravel tricks in 2024, using service containers and providers to help in class and perform dependency injection effectively.

    Service Containers:

    They bind interfaces with “AppServiceProvider’ implementation. Such coding practices can decouple your code and boost dependency injections in the application to make it testable and maintainable.

    Service Providers:

    They provide group-related binding and configuration settings. Thus, you can manage the application’s bootstrapping process effectively.

    #10 – Containerization with Docker

    We have practical Laravel productive tips for you, including using Docker for containerization. It will help you create a consistent Laravel development environment and simplify deployment processes.

    Use Docker Compose:

    It will help you manage the development stack, ensuring all essential services, including PHP, MySQL, Redis, etc. You can configure them correctly and run smoothly.

    Use Laradock:

    It provides a ready-to-use Laravel programming environment by offering various pre-configured services. So, you can quickly get started with Docker.

    #11 – Laravel Echo for Real-time Application

    We have the best Laravel optimization tricks. For instance, you can use Laravel Echo and Pusher for real-time application development to integrate WebSockets.

    Broadcasting Events:

    You can implement Echo in Laravel to broadcast real-time events to client devices. It will enable features such as live notifications and real-time updates.

    Event Listening:

    You can implement Pusher to manage real-time events on the client side. It will create a seamless user experience in the applications.

    #12 – Go for the TDD (Test Driven Development) Approach

    We will use advanced Laravel techniques in 2024 by adopting the TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. In due course, we use the following best Laravel coding practices in 2024.

    Use of Feature Tests:

    Laravel offers a ‘TestCase’ class for running feature tests and testing all features and user interactions within your application.

    Unit Tests:

    You can write Unit tests to test individual components and services in the application. Thus, you can ensure that they function expectedly in an isolated environment.


    You can simulate external services and dependencies by using the mocking feature in Laravel. So, you can test the code in isolation without depending on external systems.

    To Sum It Up:

    You can get the best productivity, performance, and security by implementing the tips and tricks. Of course, the mandatory requirement for the most cost-efficient Laravel development is to have an impeccable Laravel development company, and iCommuneTech is an ideal choice when you think of outsourcing the most tedious tasks.

    We have limited scopes to give you the most awaited Laravel development tips in 2024. If you are eager to know more or have a Laravel programming project in mind, feel free to get in touch with our technical team to discuss it further.

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